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Notice : Our Facebook Fanpage been Hijacked since April 2014. This article wasn't being published earlier to avoid interference in police investigation.

Assalamualaikum, dear Fans of Facebook Fanpage and Webpage of FINESTFINA. On second of April 2014, I've received an inbox from a guy telling me he can do wonders on my FB fanpage such as getting more likes, changing name and stuff.

This guy offered me services for very reasonable price and one of my FB friend also hired him for the service. My Facebook Fanpage at that time was about 82k fan (which I grew the number by PAYING for FBAds and stuff to get that number of fans and invest a lotta money to get real Malaysian fans).

There are several rules if I want his service which I have to follow.
1. Appoint him as a MASTER ADMIN
2. Not allowed to post anything on my page within 20 minutes
3. Pay him when the job is done ( which only take less than half an hour according to him)

As one of my FB friend have took his service, it came to my mistake that I didn't check properly about his details and background. I appointed him as an ADMIN at my Facebook fanpage, and within 5 minutes, this guy kicked me from being an admin there.

He changed almost EVERYTHING in my fanpage, the web address, the business address, the profile picture, even the cover photo. And that make me just pissed off. I've tried to report to Facebook several times yet Facebook didn't response with the answer I was hoping for.And at that moment, I seriously wanna lodge a police report.

I then checked with my FB friend to see on how the payment he made to this scammer (Thinking if I can get his account number or something that might be useful for the police to track him down) as he used this scammer service once.

My friend told me that he was force to buy FB coupon (some sorta payment method to get away without being trace)  to get back his Fanpage after the job / service is done (which he only have like 5k of fans in his Fanpage) and I assumed the scammer was not interested in page with small numbers of fan.

I believe this scammer used a fake FB profile to hijack other people fanpage with huge fans. The name of the fake profile is/was (since I can't view him anymore) Raziq Khairil Zam. After a Google search on his name. I found out that I'm not the only victim. As no report have been made against this guy, I went to the nearest police station to lodge a report. The case is now being forwarded to either SKMM or Cyber Security Malaysia (according to the officer).

The Police report :

Thank you to PDRM, you did a very good job.

I've provide the police with all the documentation needed. The report was made to deny any posting made by that fanpage represent my company and my website FINESTFINA. And was hoping the authority can track him down.

Recent posting on the Fanpage really make me angry, it's not about Najib the Prime Minister nor I'm his biggest fan, but it's about the bad manner showed by this scammer to all my fan (which quite a number of them is my friend).

Since then, I've been receiving inbox and emails asking why I did that which I have to explained to them that it wasn't me.

So please, HELP ME. You guys can do me a favor too by reporting the fanpage to Facebook as a scam. To Facebook, my report alone won't be enough for any action.

Thank you in advance.

p/s : if you guys scroll the Fanpage album, it still show some of my artworks with my company logo there....

I'm very sorry for my bad English. 

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